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Qty: Price: $149.99

Aliph has released its latest bone-conduction headset, the Jawbone Prime. Unlike its predecessors, the Jawbone Prime takes on a much more casual stance as it will be released in a variety of colors to begin with. Good to know the changes don't only involve aesthetic ones, but will also see an updated noise cancellation engine that adds another 6dB to 9dB of outside sound reduction thrown in for good measure. Apparently, this mechanism will function more reliably when the jaw isn't in contact, working hard to reduce wind noise. Other features include Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, 4.5 hours of continuous talk time and 8-days of standby time.

The science
Aliph, with Jawbone PRIME™, has once again obsoleted itself with the latest and greatest in NoiseAssassin technology delivering an order of magnitude better noise elimination performance, an integrated digital approach to wind reduction, and a fail-safe solution if the VAS does not touch the face.

Jawbone has been able to eliminate real world noise better than any other headset because it is the only headset that can accurately separate speech from ambient noise.

Jawbone PRIME has even better background noise elimination than the previous generations. NoiseAssasin™ 2.0 delivers an order of magnitude improvement in the noisiest environments (6 to 9dB) extracting even more noise while keeping the user's voice natural.

Acoustic Voice Activity Detector (AVAD) provides a fail-safe mechanism when the Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) doesn't touch your face. When the VAS is not touching the face, Jawbone PRIME performs as good as or better than any other noise cancelling headset. When the VAS touches the face, you get the turbo-boost to the NoiseAssassin performance

After solving NoiseAssassination in the most severe noise environments, Aliph focused its engineers on the task of eliminating the impact wind has on speech. With their strong background in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques, the Aliph team developed a unique all digital Sensor Signal Fusion system to reduce wind noise.

Jawbone PRIME uses an algorithm that digitally fuses together the best audio from its two electret microphones (the clean preserved high-end frequencies of speech) and its patented Voice Activity Sensor (the low-end frequencies of speech) to create a single, natural sounding speech signal.

The industry-standard microphone approach used by most headset companies fails as the microphones become saturated with wind noise distorting the low-end frequencies of speech (as noticed when you use your handset in a windy environment). By leveraging some innovative DSP techniques and Jawbone's proprietary Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) to reconstruct the missing speech Aliph has implemented a wind solution that maintains award-winning design without having to apply a visually disruptive wind-sock or baffle to physically block the wind.

The design
Great technology is not enough: the Jawbone brand is built upon technological innovation with a design that integrates seamlessly into the user's lifestyle by providing comfort, customized fit and personal preference, and great, iconic aesthetics.

The design effort at Jawbone is a constant refinement exercise, and PRIME is the latest iteration in a continuum of celebrated category defining products. The Jawbone products always call attention through minimalism, by removing the extraneous, rather than adding visual complexity and clutter.

For PRIME, we are introducing a unique undulating texture, crafted with high precision in 3-D to reflect the light, and give a sense of movement to the exterior surfaces. Like fashion brands that weave unique textiles, our craft is this high level of sculpting in high-grade plastic. It is the attention to the materiality, to the surface, to the way it reflects light and color that enhances the inherent value of the product. Adding quality to quality, and building-in layers of detail and meaning.

Functionally, the design has also been enhanced by a slight indication in the shield's texture, a small tactile crease that indicates where the switch is located. The inside contours of the product follow the face in a perfectly comfortable manner, while new ergonomic earbuds have been refined to keep the Jawbone in place without an earloop for most wearers.

Product Specifications
Talk Time: Up to 4.5 Hours
Standby: More than 8 days
Range: At least 36 feet
Supports Multipoint
Supports Bluetooth 2.1

Product Includes
Aliph Jawbone Prime Earcandy Edition Lime
USB adapter Charger
(4) ear loops
(4) ear hooks
User manual

Product Compatibility
Apple iPhone 8GB (unlocked)
Asus P552w Smartphone Black (unlocked)
Audiovox PPC-6700
BlackBerry 7130c for Cingular Blackberry 7130e Blackberry 7290 (unlocked)
Blackberry 8120 Blue T-Mobile US Version Blackberry 8120 Light Blue T-Mobile Unlocked US Version Blackberry 8120 T-Mobile Black (unlocked)
Blackberry 8120 T-Mobile Blue Unlocked US Version Blackberry 8330 Curve for Sprint Blackberry 8350i Curve for Sprint
Blackberry 8800 (unlocked) Blackberry 8800c Smartphone for AT&T Blackberry 8820 Smartphone AT&T (unlocked)
Blackberry 8820 Smartphone T-Mobile Unlocked US Version Blackberry 8830 World Edition for Verizon Wireless Blackberry 8830 World Edition Red for Verizon Wireless
Blackberry 9000 Bold AT&T Unlocked US Version Blackberry 9530 Storm Global Smartphone for Verizon Blackberry 9530 Storm Global Smartphone for Verizon (unlocked)
Blackberry Bold 9000 AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000 Rogers (unlocked) Blackberry Bold 9000 Unlocked Import
Blackberry Curve 8300 (unlocked) Blackberry Curve 8310 Titanium (unlocked) Blackberry Curve 8310 Titanium for AT&T
Blackberry Curve 8310 Vodafone Titanium Unlocked Import Blackberry Curve 8320 Red (unlocked) Blackberry Curve 8320 Titanium (unlocked)
Blackberry Curve 8330c for Verizon Wireless Blackberry Curve 8900 Javelin for T-Mobile USA Blackberry Curve 8900 Javelin T-Mobile USA Unlocked US Version
Blackberry Curve 8900 RIM Unlocked Import Blackberry Curve 8900 Rogers (unlocked) Blackberry Pearl 8100 (unlocked)
Blackberry Pearl 8110 Titanium AT&T (unlocked) Blackberry Pearl 8120 AT&T (unlocked) Blackberry Pearl 8120 Gray T-Mobile
Blackberry Pearl 8130 Smartphone Pink for Verizon Blackberry Pearl 8130 Smartphone Silver for Verizon Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 Kickstart Red T-Mobile (unlocked)
Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 Kickstart T-Mobile Smartphone Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 Kickstart T-Mobile Unlocked US Version Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 Rogers Unlocked Import
Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 T-Mobile Red Kickstart Smartphone Blackberry Storm 9500 Vodafone Unlocked Import
Chargepod Universal USB Compatible Charging Adapter (USBA-0001)
Cingular 2125 Cingular 3125 Cingular 8125U Smartphone (unlocked)
Cingular 8525 Pocket PC
Eten G500 Windows Mobile GPS Smartphone Eten Glofiish M700 GPS Pocket PC (unlocked) Eten Glofiish X500 GPS Pocket PC (unlocked)
Eten glofiish X800 GPS Pocket PC (unlocked) Eten M600 Pocket PC (unlocked)
HP (Hewlett-Packard)
HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger (unlocked) HP iPAQ 910c Business Messenger Smartphone (unlocked) HP iPAQ hw6910 Pocket PC Mobile Messenger (unlocked)
HP iPAQ hw6915 Pocket PC Mobile Messenger with GPS (unlocked) HP iPAQ hw6920 for Cingular
At&t Tilt 8925 Pocket PC HTC Advantage X7501 Portable Office (unlocked) HTC Dream Android Smartphone Black Unlocked Import
HTC Magic Android Smartphone White Unlocked Import HTC MAX 4G Smartphone Black (unlocked) HTC MTeoR 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone (unlocked)
HTC P3300 GPS-enabled Pocket PC (unlocked) HTC P3350 Pocket PC Smartphone (unlocked) HTC P3470 Smartphone (unlocked)
HTC P3600 Pocket PC Trinity (unlocked) HTC P4350 Pocket PC (unlocked) HTC P4550 TYTN II Pocket PC (unlocked)
HTC P6300 Panda Pocket PC (unlocked) HTC P6500 Sirius Pocket PC Smartphone (unlocked) HTC S522 Snap Smartphone Unlocked Import
HTC S630 Cavalier Smartphone (unlocked) HTC S710 Smartphone (unlocked) HTC S720 Smartphone (unlocked)
HTC S730 Smartphone (unlocked) HTC S740 Smartphone (unlocked) HTC S743 Smartphone Unlocked US Version
HTC T-Mobile Shadow Brown HTC Touch Cruise 09 Smartphone Black Unlocked Import HTC Touch Cruise P3650 Polaris 3G Smartphone (unlocked)
HTC Touch Diamond 2 T5353 Smartphone Black Unlocked Import HTC Touch Diamond P3700 (unlocked) HTC Touch Diamond P3700 US Version (unlocked)
HTC Touch Diamond2 T5353 Smartphone Black Unlocked US Version HTC Touch Dual Slider Smartphone P5500 (unlocked) 16 Key HTC Touch Dual Slider Smartphone P5520 (unlocked) 20 Key
HTC Touch Dual Slider Smartphone P5520 Silver (unlocked) 20 Key HTC Touch for Sprint HTC Touch Fuze AT&T (unlocked)
HTC Touch Fuze for AT&T HTC Touch HD T8282 Smartphone Unlocked Import HTC Touch P3450 Smartphone Wasabi Green (unlocked)
HTC Touch PRO EU (unlocked) HTC Touch PRO For AT&T HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone Black/Grey Unlocked Import
HTC Touch Smartphone P3450 Silver (unlocked) HTC Touch Smartphone Soft Black (unlocked) HTC Touch Viva Smartphone T2223 Storm Gray Unlocked Import
HTC TyTN 3G Pocket PC (unlocked) HTC X7500 Advantage Portable Office (unlocked) Verizon Wireless XV6900
i-mate JAQ Pocket PC Phone (unlocked) i-mate JAQ3 Pocket PC Phone (unlocked) i-mate JAQ4 Pocket PC Phone (unlocked)
i-mate JASJAM (unlocked) i-mate PDAL Pocket PC (unlocked) i-mate Smartflip Black (unlocked)
i-mate SPJAS 3G Smartphone (unlocked) i-mate Ultimate 6150 Smartphone (unlocked) i-mate Ultimate 8150 Smartphone (unlocked)
i-mate Ultimate 8502 Smartphone (unlocked) i-mate Ultimate 9502 Smartphone (unlocked)
Krusell 32104 Multidapt Accessories Headset holster with mini clip for Bluetooth Headsets
Kyocera K323
LG CE110 LG CG300 LG CU320
LG CU400 LG CU500 LG CU515
LG CU720 Shine for AT&T LG CU915 Vu Black for AT&T US Version LG Dare
LG en V LG enV2 for Verizon LG GC900 Viewty Smartphone Unlocked Import
LG GM730 Smartphone Black Unlocked import LG Incite for AT&T US Version LG KC550 Black Unlocked Import
LG KC550 Gray Unlocked Import LG KC550 Pink Unlocked Import LG KC910 Renoir Smartphone Unlocked Import
LG KC910i Renoir Smartphone Tender Pink Unlocked Import LG KC910i Renoir Smartphone Unlocked Import LG KE770 Shine (unlocked)
LG KE770 Shine Gold (unlocked) LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum (unlocked) LG KE820 Slim Chocolate phone (unlocked)
LG KE850 Prada (unlocked) LG KE990 Viewty (unlocked) LG KF600 Silver Slider (unlocked)
LG KF750 SECRET Black Label Series (unlocked) LG KF755 Secret Black Unlocked Import LG KF900 Prada II Unlocked Import
LG KG320 (unlocked) LG KG800 Chocolate (unlocked) LG KG810 Black (unlocked)
LG KG920 Silver (unlocked) LG KM900 Arena Touchscreen Silver (unlocked) LG KM900 Arena Touchscreen Titan Black Unlocked Import
LG KP500 Cookie Smartphone Anodizing Silver (unlocked) LG KP500 Cookie Smartphone Black Unlocked Import LG KP500 Cookie Smartphone Elegant Gold (unlocked)
LG KP500 Cookie Smartphone Pink Unlocked Import LG KP500 Cookie Smartphone Vandyke Brown Unlocked Import LG KP500 Cookie Smartphone White Unlocked Import
LG KS20 Smartphone Unlocked Import LG KS360 Black (unlocked) LG KS360 Bright Blue (unlocked)
LG KS360 Red (unlocked) LG KS360 soft pink Unlocked Import LG KU990 Viewty (unlocked)
LG KU990 Viewty Red (unlocked) LG KU990 Viewty Silver Unlocked Import LG KU990 Viewty White (unlocked)
LG KU990R Viewty Baby Pink (unlocked) LG LX550 Fusic (Multimedia Phone) LG ME770d Shine Silver (unlocked)
LG Muziq LX570 LG Rumor LG Shine Black Label Series KE970 (unlocked)
LG Trax CU575 LG VX10000 Voyager LG VX5400
LG VX8300 V- Cast Music Phone LG VX8350 for Verizon LG VX8500 Chocolate for Verizon
LG VX8600 Chocolate LG VX8700 for Verizon Wireless LG VX8800 Venus
LG VX9400 V Cast Mobile TV Phone LG Xenon Blue for AT&T Verizon LG VX8550 Chocolate
Verizon LG VX9800 Verizon LG VX9900
MOTOROKR DUO Z6 Slider Mandarin Orange (unlocked) Motorola A780 (unlocked) Motorola A810 Excellent Black Unlocked Import
Motorola A810 White Shang-chi Unlocked Import Motorola Adventure V750 for Verizon Motorola AURA Silver Unlocked Import
Motorola E398 (Unlocked) Motorola E815 Motorola Evoke QA4 Smartphone Unlocked Import
Motorola K1m Red for Verizon Motorola KRZR K1 Cosmic Blue (unlocked) Motorola L2 Silver (unlocked)
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Motorola MOTO Q q9 (unlocked) Motorola MOTO W755 for Verizon Wireless Motorola MOTO Z6w Slider (unlocked)
Motorola MOTO Z9 Motorola MOTO™ U9 Black (unlocked) Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m for Verizon
Motorola MOTOKRZR K3 Pearl Gray (unlocked) Motorola MOTOMING A1600 (unlocked) Motorola MOTORAZR Maxx VE
Motorola MOTORAZR V3xx Black (unlocked) Motorola MOTORAZR V6 maxx (unlocked) Motorola MOTORAZRmaxx V6 Ferrari Challenge Limited Edition (unlocked)
Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv Motorola MOTORIZR Z8 (unlocked) Motorola MOTOROKR E6 Multimedia (unlocked)
Motorola MOTOROKR E8 for T-Mobile Motorola MOTOROKR EM30 Cherry Red (unlocked) Motorola MOTOROKR EM30 Silver Sail (unlocked)
Motorola MOTOROKR W5 Black (unlocked) Motorola MOTOROKR Z6 Slider Black (unlocked) Motorola MOTOSLVR L72 Black Slate (unlocked)
Motorola MOTOSLVR L7i Black Unlocked Import Motorola MOTOSLVR L9 (unlocked) Motorola MOTOSURF A3100 Black (unlocked)
Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5 Graphite Grey (unlocked) Motorola MPX220 (unlocked) Motorola Q Black for Verizon
Motorola Q Smartphone (unlocked) Motorola Razr V3 Black unlocked) Motorola RAZR V3c
Motorola Razr V3i (unlocked) Motorola Razr V3M Silver for Verizon Motorola RAZR V3T for T-Mobile
Motorola Razr V3x Blue (unlocked) Motorola RAZR2 V8 (unlocked) Motorola RAZR2 V8 Rose Gold (unlocked)
Motorola RAZR2 V8 Silver (OEM) Unlocked Import Motorola RAZR2 V9 Black (unlocked) Motorola RAZR2 V9 Bronze (unlocked)
Motorola RAZR2 V9 Graphite Grey (unlocked) Motorola RAZR2 V9 Rose Gold (unlocked) Motorola RIZR Z10 (unlocked)
Motorola RIZR Z3 Slider Black (unlocked) Motorola ROKR E8 (unlocked) Motorola ROKR W6 Unlocked Import
Motorola SLVR L7 (unlocked) Motorola SLVR L71 (unlocked) Motorola SLVR L7c (Sprint / Verizon )
Motorola V195s Motorola V325i for Verizon Motorola V325xi
Motorola V360 (unlocked) Motorola V365 Motorola V635 (unlocked)
Motorola v710 Motorola W385 for Verizon Wireless Motorola W490 Black
Motorola W510 Pearl Grey (unlocked) Motorola Z6c Verizon Wireless Motorola Z6cx Verizon wireless
Motorola ZN300 Black Unlocked Import Verizon MOTORAZR2 V9m Verizon Motorola Q Smartphone
MWg Atom V (unlocked) MWg O2 XDA Flame (unlocked) MWg XDA Atom Life (unlocked) Windows Mobile 6 Edition
MWg Zinc II (unlocked)
Nextel I580 Nextel i615 Nextel i880
Nextel ic902
Nokia 2366i Verizon Wireless CDMA Nokia 2630 Black (unlocked) Nokia 2760 Metallic Black (unlocked)
Nokia 3110 Classic (unlocked) Nokia 3120 Classic Graphite (unlocked) Nokia 3230 (unlocked)
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Nokia 8600 US Luna High Fashion (unlocked) Nokia 8800 Arte (unlocked) Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte (unlocked)
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Nokia E62 Smartphone (unlocked) Nokia E63 Smartphone Ruby Red (unlocked) Nokia E63 Smartphone Ultramarine Blue Unlocked Import
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Nokia E66-1 Smartphone (unlocked) Nokia E66-1 Smartphone White (unlocked) Nokia E66-2 Smartphone (unlocked) US Version
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Nokia N71 (unlocked) Nokia N72 Gloss Black (unlocked) Nokia N73 (unlocked) Silver
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Palm Centro Smartphone Palm Pre Smartphone Palm Pre Smartphone Unlocked Import
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PalmOne Treo 700WxSmartphone PalmOne Treo 750v Smartphone (unlocked) PalmOne Treo 755p Smartphone
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Pantech C810 Duo Pantech Matrix C740 Dual Slider Blue for AT&T US Version
Pharos PTL600 GPS Phone (unlocked)
Samsung A707 SYNC for Cingular Samsung A737 Orange Samsung Beat SGH-T539
Samsung Blast T729 Samsung D407 Samsung D780 Dual SIM Phone (unlocked)
Samsung D800 (unlocked) Samsung D807 Samsung D820 (unlocked)
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Samsung SGH-I780i Smartphone (unlocked) Samsung SGH-J600 Slider Silver (unlocked) Samsung SGH-M8800 Pixon Black (unlocked)
Samsung SGH-M8800 Pixon Light Silver Unlocked Import Samsung SGH-M8800 Pixon Red (unlocked) Samsung SGH-P310 Card Phone II (unlocked)
Samsung SGH-P850 (unlocked) Samsung SGH-T229 Samsung SGH-T339
Samsung SGH-T409 Samsung SGH-T419 Black (unlocked) Samsung SGH-T429
Samsung SGH-T439 Samsung SGH-T459 Gravity Aqua for T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T459 Gravity Lime for T-Mobile
Samsung SGH-T629 Slider for Tmobile Samsung SGH-T639 Samsung SGH-T719 Blackberry Clamshell
Samsung SGH-T809 (unlocked) Samsung SGH-T819 Samsung SGH-T919 Behold Brushed Espresso for T-Mobile
Samsung SGH-T919 Behold Light Rose for T-Mobile Samsung SGH-U100 Blue (unlocked) Samsung SGH-U300 Ultra Edition (unlocked)
Samsung SGH-U600 Ultra Edition Black (unlocked) Samsung SGH-U600 Ultra Edition Dark Silver (unlocked) Samsung SGH-U700 Metallic Silver (unlocked)
Samsung SGH-X810 Pearl White (unlocked) Samsung SGH-X820 Black Ultra Slim Edition (unlocked) Samsung SGH-X830 Black MP3 Music Phone (unlocked)
Samsung SGH-Z510 3G Black (unlocked) Samsung SGH-Z540 3G Ultra Slim (unlocked) Samsung SLM SGH-A747
Samsung SPH-M800 Instinct Samsung Stripe SGH-T329 Samsung T519 Trace
Samsung T609 Samsung T619 Samsung T739 Katalyst
Samsung T929 Memoir for T-Mobile Samsung T929 Memoir T-Mobile Unlocked US Version Samsung U900 FlipShot™
Samsung U900 Platinum Silver (unlocked) Samsung U940 Glyde for Verizon Wireless Samsung UpStage SPH-M620
Sanyo Katana DLX SCP-8500 Sanyo Katana II SCP-6650 Sanyo Katana SCP-6600
Sanyo M1 Music Phone Sanyo S1 Sanyo SCP-3200
Sanyo SCP-7050 Sanyo SCP-8400
Siemens SL75 Onyx Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot Future Black Unlocked Import Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot Radiation Silver (unlocked) Sony Ericsson C702i Speed Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson C902 James Bond Limited Edition Titanium Silver (unlocked) Sony Ericsson C902a Swift Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson C902i Silver (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson C902i Swift Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson C905a Night Black (unlocked) US Version Sony Ericsson C905i Copper Gold (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson C905i Ice Silver (unlocked) Sony Ericsson C905i Night Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson F305 Mystic Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson F305 Polar White (unlocked) Sony Ericsson G705 Slider Majestic Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson G705 Slider Silky Gold Unlocked Import
Sony Ericsson G900 Dark Brown (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Idou Smartphone Black Unlocked Import Sony Ericsson K510i (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson K530i Black GPS Phone (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K550 Cyber-shot™ phone (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K600 (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson K610i 3G Silver (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K750i (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K770 Cyber-Shot Beige (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson K790a Cybershot Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K800i Velvet Black Cybershot (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K810 Noble Blue Cyber-Shot (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson K850i Velvet Blue Cyber-shot™ (unlocked) Sony Ericsson M600i Granite Black Mobile Communicator (unlocked) Sony Ericsson P1i Silver/Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson P800 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson P900 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson P910a (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson P990i Premium Silver (unlocked) Sony Ericsson R306 Radio Coffee Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson S302 Crystal Blue (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson S302 Thunder Grey (unlocked) Sony Ericsson S500 Mysterious Green/Black US version (unlocked) Sony Ericsson S700i (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson T303EU Shadow Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson T303EU Shimmer Silver (unlocked) Sony Ericsson T650i Blue (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson T700 Black / Red Unlocked Import Sony Ericsson T700 Black / Silver Unlocked Import Sony Ericsson T707 Lucid Blue Unlocked Import
Sony Ericsson TM506 Emerald Green Sony Ericsson W300 Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W350i Walkman Electric Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W380a Black Champagne (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W380i Black Champagne (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W395 Dusky Grey Unlocked Import
Sony Ericsson W550i (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Boulevard Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Velvet Red (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W595a Active Blue (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W595EU Active Blue (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W595EU Cosmopolitan White (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W595EU Jungle Grey (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W660i Walkman Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W700 Walkman (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W705 Walkman Luxury Silver Unlocked Import Sony Ericsson W705 Walkman Passionate Red Unlocked Import Sony Ericsson W710i Walkman (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W715 Walkman Galactic Black Unlocked Import Sony Ericsson W760 Intense Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W800i (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W810i Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W830i Black Walkman Slider (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W850 Black Walkman Slider (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W880i Flame Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W890i Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W900 Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W902 Earth Green (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W902 Volcanic Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W902 Wine Red (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W910i Noble Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W950i (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W960 8GB Walkman Phone (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman 8GB Piano Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman 8GB Violin Red (unlocked) Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman Progressive Black Unlocked Import
Sony Ericsson Walkman W610i Satin Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 EU Silver Smartphone (unlocked) Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 EU Solid Black Smartphone Unlocked Import
Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1a Silver Smartphone (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Z310a Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Z520a (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson Z525 New Blue (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Z550a Sterling Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Z555a Diamond Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson Z555i Diamond Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Z610 Luster Black (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Z710i Twilight Black (unlocked)
Sony Ericsson Z750 (unlocked)
Sprint PCS
Sprint PPC-6800
T-Mobile Dash T-Mobile G1 Android HTC Smartphone Black T-Mobile G1 Android HTC Smartphone Black (unlocked)
T-Mobile G1 Android HTC Smartphone Bronze T-Mobile G1 Android HTC Smartphone Bronze (unlocked) T-Mobile G1 Android HTC Smartphone White
T-Mobile G1 Android HTC Smartphone White (unlocked) T-Mobile SDA™ Smartphone T-Mobile Shadow 2 Black Burgundy
T-Mobile Shadow 2 White Mint T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 for T-Mobile T-Mobile Sidekick III (D.Wade Edition)
T-Mobile Sidekick LX T-Mobile Sidekick LX (Tony Hawk Limited Edition) T-Mobile Sidekick Slide US Version
T-Mobile Wing™ Smartphone for T-Mobile
Toshiba TG01 Smartphone Black Unlocked Import Toshiba TG01 Smartphone White Unlocked Import
UBiQUiO 501 Pocket PC Phone (unlocked) UBiQUiO 503G Pocket PC Smartphone (unlocked)



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