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O2 XDA lli

    02 XDA lli
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In design terms, the Xda IIi echoes the classic Xda format. As a direct descendent of the first connected Pocket PC to hit the Asia, its arrangement of buttons retains the ergonomics of the original. It also retains one of the key annoyances: the headset jack is still on the bottom right edge, where, when used with a handsfree kit for voice calls, the jack is easily jarred in a pocket or bag.

In size and weight terms the Xda IIi is almost unchanged from its immediate predecessor, the Xda II. At 69mm wide x 130 mm tall and 19.9mm high it matches the Xda II precisely, while its 200g weight adds just 10g to the earlier model.

There is a digital cameral built in, with a dedicated camera button on the left edge of the device, along with volume button and a shortcut to the built-in Notes software.

The Xda IIi has a 520MHz Intel PXA 272 processor, and 128MB of RAM, of which 93.94MB was available to share between programs and storage on our device. There is an additional 59.68MB of flash memory available from the 128MB ROM, making a total of 153MB of available memory. In addition, there's an SDIO-compliant SD card slot for expansion.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both present (the Xda II only offered Bluetooth), each accessible via their own icons on the main screen. A third icon sitting alongside allows you to rotate the screen into landscape format, thereby making use of one of the important features of the second edition of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition. Continuous taps of this icon align the landscape screen for right- and left-handed users, before returning to portrait format.

The built-in camera has been upgraded to 1.3 mega pixels, and can now shoot stills at resolutions up to 960 x 1,280 pixels (and also at 480 x 640, 240 x 320 and 120 x 160). Video capture is available at 240 x 320, 144 x 176 and 96 x 128. There are separate camera settings choices for MMS video (offering a variety of sizes and both MPEG-4 and H.263 formats) and for photos to use with the supplied Photo Contacts software. The camera incorporates a range of ambiance settings and there is also a ˇĄpicture themeˇ¦ option that throws a frame around any image you shoot.

Much of the provided software matches what came with the Xda II. The ClearVue PDF and PowerPoint readers are on the ROM, as is the aforementioned Photo Contacts application and a MIDLet Manager for running JAVA applications. Windows Media Player is upgraded to version 10, still a rarity on handhelds at the moment. xBackup and a wireless modem tool round off the bundled suite.

The phone module is still tri-band GSM with GPRS, and the screen retains the 3.5-inch diagonal size, 16-bit color depth and 240 x 320-pixel resolution of the Xda II.

O2 also retains its O2 Active screen, which provides quick links to connected applications and tools, as well as the standard Today screen notification of upcoming appointments and tasks, unread email, SMS and MMS messages, and a battery status monitor. We have always found this extremely useful and as it simplifies the use of connected services, it's no doubt a good revenue driver for O2. But if you don't like O2 Active, it's easy to switch to the standard Today screen using the Today option on the Start menu.


  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition


  • Intel XScale PXA 272 520MHz


  • RAM: 128MB

  • ROM: 128MB


  • 3.5" 240 x 320 dots resolution

  • 64K colour TFT transflective display

  • LED back light

  • Sensitive touch screen


  • Microphone

  • Loudspeaker

  • Receiver

  • Support hands-free operation

  • Support WMA/AMR/AAC/MP3 stereo

Keyboard / Button / Switch

  • 5 way navigation pad

  • Camera shutter button

  • Voice record button

  • Power button

  • Volume control button (up and down)

  • Two phone buttons: SEND (Yes) & END (No)

  • Two programmable application buttons: Contacts & Calendar

  • Reset switch

  • Key lock function supports by software


  • Colour CMOS 1.3 mega-pixel camera

  • Preview mirror

  • Support still image and video capture

Wireless LAN

  • IEEE 802.11b compliant


  • Bluetooth 1.2 compliant

  • Internal antenna

  • Class 2 transmit power

  • Supported profiles: dialup network, file transfer, generic object exchange, headset, hands-free, LAN access, serial port, object push, service discovery application


  • Cradle connector

  • SIM card slot

  • MMC/SDIO card slot

  • External antenna connector

  • 34-pin back pack connector

  • Earphone / microphone jack with stereo sound, 2.5mm diameter


  • One Bi-colour (green and red) LED for GSM network status, PDA notification and PDA charging status

  • Two respective (blue and green) LED for Bluetooth/Wireless LAN status

  • Notification by sound, message and vibration


  • GPRS/GSM (Tri-band) module

  • Internal antenna

  • Generic GSM services

  • Call holding, waiting, forwarding, barring

  • CLI (Calling Line Identity)

  • Display own number

  • SMS (Short Message Service), support long message up to 640 characters

  • Network selection

  • Cell broadcast

  • Multi-party conference call capability w/Mute feature

  • Call forwarding

  • Phase 2 unstructured supplementary service data - MO / MT

  • AMR / EFR / FR / HR

  • SIM lock

  • Network lock

  • GPRS functionality

  • GPRS class B

  • Mulit-slot standard class 10

  • MO / MT SMS over GPRS


  • SIM Function

  • 3V SIM operation

  • SIM application toolkit

  • Over the air programming


  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 standard applications: Pocket Outlook, Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, Pocket Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, ActiveSync, Windows Media Player 10, Calculator, Terminal Services Clients, Games (Jawbreaker, Solitaire)

  • Album

  • Picture

  • Camera

  • Integrated MMS

  • Java MIDlet Manager (J2ME)

  • Photo Contacts

  • SIM Manager

  • SIM ToolKit

  • Wireless Manager

  • Wireless Modem

  • xBackup

  • PowerPoint and PDF viewer

  • GPRS Monitor

  • Zip Manager

  • O2 Connect ^^

  • VoiceDial ^^^

  • Truefax ^^^


  • Removable and rechargeable Lithium-lon Polymer battery, 1,300mAh

Operating time ^

  • Standby 168 hours

  • PDA usage 15 hours

  • Talk time 4 hours

  • Data retention 72 hours (main battery) 30 minutes (backup battery)

  • Battery life may vary depending on RF conditions and actual usage

AC adapter

  • AC input: 100~240Vac, 50 / 60 Hz


  • R&TTE, EMC/EMI, Safety
    BQB certification
    USB v1.1 compliance test


  • Weight:
    200 g (with battery)
  • Dimensions:
    69 x 130 x 19 mm


  • Tri band GSM 900/1800/1900
    Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand

All optional accessories are available for this product to purchase including, car charger, extra battery, cover, hands-free head phones, and more.
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