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Technical characteristics:

Description DVD/cD-PROIGRYVATEL6/REservation/AVTOREVERSNA4 audio CASSETTE of deck- with the solid mechanism load + acoustic system of 5.1 (frontal and rear columns Sb -fs623, the central dynamic loudspeaker Sb -pc623 and active sub woofer Sb -wa623)
TSAP Video: 54 MGts/y0 of the bits
Decoding Dolby Digital And DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II (DVD/CD)
Dynamics Frontal and rear columns: 8 cm, the central column: 2 dynamics on 8 cm, sub woofer: 17 cm
Joints Front panel: joint for the head sets, 2 joints for the microphones; the rear panel: joints for connection Fm- antenna and Am- antenna, linear output 2 x RCA, TV Audio In 2 x RCA, VCR/AUX In 2 x RCA, the component video output YPbPr, composite and S- video the outputs
The sound pressure Satellites: 80 dB/W (1 meter), the central column: 82 dB/W (1 meter), sub woofer: 80 dB/W (1 meter)
Summary output power 500 watts
The frequency range Satellites: 110 Hz - 22 kHz (-16 dB), 140 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB); the central column: 110 Hz - 22 kHz (-16 dB), 150 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB); sub woofer: 38 - 200 Hz (-16 dB), 42 - 160 Hz (-10 dB)
Resistance Frontal and rear columns and sub woofer: according to 4 Ohm
Supported sizes DVD- audio, DVD- video, Dvd-ram/r, CD, Cd -r/rw, HighMAT, WMA, MP3, JPEG and HDCD
To karaoke 2 microphones with the sonic effect of echo.
Fm- tuner There are (87.5 - 108 MHz with a step of 50 kHz). Am- tuner 522 - 1629 kHz with a step of 9 kHz
Joint for the head sets There is
Panel DU It enters into delivery set
Energy consumption 185 watts; in the mode of standby - 1 watt
Sizes (width X height X depth) Receiver: 430 X of 100 X of 341 mm; the frontal and rear columns: 102 X of 150 X of 110.5 mm - with the steadfast; sub woofer: 209 X of 361 X of 433 mm; the central column: 276 X of 103 X of 110.5 mm - with the the steadfast
Dimensions of the packing 54 x 44 x of 62 cm
Weight Receiver: 3.9 kg; the frontal and rear columns: 0.9 kg; sub woofer: 11.25 kg; the central column: 1,62 kg
Gross weight is 25.45 kg
Delivery set Bullets DU, 2 small batteries of the type AA for the panel DU, video cable, net cable, frame Am- antenna, Fm- antenna, cable for the connection of sub woofer to the receiver, sheet with the rubber legs, sheet with the gluings for the cables, 3 4- meter and 2 10- meter cables
Fastening to the wall Fastening to the wall of the satellites is possible

SC-HT623 HT623 HT 623 HT 623 HT623 HT623 HT 623

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