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DVD Home Theatre System SCHT840

Total Power Output 800W(RMS)
Multi-Format Playback
Front Tower Speakers
Active Subwoofer
360 Sound Technology

Features & Benefits

Multi-Format Playback
Flexibility to playback multiple formats in the unit. You can playback almost any format, letting you worry about what to watch not which format disc you need to use. The unit will even play MP3 and JPEG formats recorded to CD-R.

800W(RMS) Total Power Output
Strong power output from the unit delivers clear and powerful sound reproduction. Outstanding richness of sound is created for medium to large spaces and excellent sound is genereted for a true home theatre expereince.

Front Tower Speakers with 360 Sound Technology
Tower speakers to match large and flat displays featuring 360 Sound Technology. The technology lowers the crossover frequency point between mid-range of the tower speakers and the low-range of the subwoofers. More low sound comes through the tower speakers, enhancing sense of movement and acoustic imaging.

Space Saving Slimmer Size
The main unit features slim-line design. 2 tower speakers are complimented by 3 compact speakers enabling convenient location of speakers around a room. The subwoofer can be positioned separately to deliver a rich sound to a medium or large space.

Active Subwoofer Unit
The subwoofer contains a built-in 260W power amplifier for exceptional bass sound generation. Dual-unit speakers within the subwoofer deliver a strong bass sound with a greater richness. Subwoofer has a 4-step control through the remote control.

Multi Re-Master Technology
Sound sources of multi-channel formats (such as Dolby Digital and DTS) used for many DVD-Videos can be remastered to produce higher quality audio reproduction, with an extensive range of formats.

Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC)
This product features a high-precision progressive video processor that handles progressive scan images. The result is outstanding picture quality through high-resolution progressive playback of original DVD images.

Built-In Dolby Digital and DTS Decoders
True surround sound is delivered through the 5.1 channels. Depending on the input format the unit automatically can create a true surround home theatre sound and deliver an exceptional home cinema experience.

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