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PIONEER HTD-88DVD from Pioneer has all the right features in a 5 Disk Multi-System Home Theater. The 5 Speaker system is powered by 600W with 3-spot Front Surround technology which means rear speakers can be placed directly on top of the front speakers using Direct Diffuse technology to reflect sound waves from the walls and ceiling to envelope the listener in true surround sound. The HTD-88DVD is truly versatile with PAL or NTSC playback of DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW/VCD/SVCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW including MP3, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, JPEG or DivX Files.

3-Spot Front Surround

Pioneer's unique 3-spot Front Surround delivers the power and realism of surround sound without the need to place speakers behind your listening position. Innovative design and engineering lets you place the surround speakers neatly on top of the front speakers, then the Pioneer-developed front surround system with ''Direct-Diffuse'' technology reflects the surround sound from the walls and ceiling to envelope you in a realistic sound fields.

Photo & Music Mix

There is a new way to share your digital photos with friends. It's Pioneer's PHOTO + MUSIC MIX. Now you can enjoy JPEG slide shows on your home theatre system along with a musical accompaniment. All you do is to copy your JPEG photos and the music you want to a USB memory device. Then you simply plug it into the handy front panel USB connector for a whole new style of multimedia entertainment.

GigaByte Music (DVD Data Disc Playback)

Now you can enjoy all the music on your PC in your living room thanks to Pioneer's GigaByte Music System. Simply burn your music collection to DVD data discs for easy, instant playback on your Pioneer home theatre system. Now there's no need for troublesome swapping of CDs because your Pioneer system becomes a jukebox with over 1,000 songs available


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