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Motorola T605 Bluetooth Car Kit

Motorola T605 Bluetooth Car Kit

Accelerate into the world of Motorola Stereo Bluetooth technology with the Motorola Bluetooth Automotive Music & Hands-free System T605.

Accelerate into the world of Motorola Stereo Bluetooth technology with the Motorola Bluetooth Automotive Music & Hands-free System T605. The T605 is a fun way to stay connected to the people and the music you love with hands-free convenience while on-the-move. Leveraging hands-free and Bluetooth Stereo profiles, the T605 offers one seamless solution providing access to digital music and phone calls directly through the car’s sound system. Enabling each device to be in tune with the other, the T605 is designed to pause the music when a call comes in and resume the music when the call ends. Start your engine – wired or wireless, you’re ready to roll with the T605!

Custom Fit
Make the most of your time in the car. The Motorola T605 enables you to receive calls through your car’s sound system and listen to music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or a MP3 player without the worry of missing a call. As an added bonus, you can also have a wired connection to a MP3 player with the 3.5 millimeter standard stereo jack. Whether you have your music and calls from separate devices or just one, initial setup is a breeze with Motorola’s exclusive EasyPairTM technology.

Optimal Experience
The T605 was designed to optimize the experience of answering calls in the car with the latest technology to reduce echo and noise in order to minimize background sounds. With an automatic volume adjustment, the T605 will adjust the volume as background noise increases. For added value, a full suite of audio capabilities allow you to talk over the person on the other end, but still hear each other at the same time. You will forget you’re in the car alone and will feel as though you are face-to-face.

Ready to Rock and Talk All Night
You might run out of gas but you won’t run out of battery. The Motorola T605 is always charged and ready to go! The T605 enables users to enjoy seamless, uninterrupted conversations at any time. Just turn on the ignition and the T605 automatically syncs with the mobile device so users can continue that important call. Complete with a sleek, dynamic finish and an improved user interface for intuitive navigation, this hands-free system promises ease-of-use.

• Bluetooth wireless technology 2.0
• Clear sound with latest echo and noise cancellation technology
• Automatic volume adjustment for intuitive control
• Convenient dialing (works with phones that have voice dialing)
• 3.5mm stereo port to support a digital music player
• Bluetooth Music mutes when calls come in and resumes when the call ends
• Bluetooth stereo supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
• Professional installation and an adapter harness allows for custom integration into the car sound system

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