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LiteFuze LC-300EU 300Watt Step Up/Down Travel Voltage Converter, EU Cord

LiteFuze LC-300EU 300Watt Step Up/Down Travel Voltage Converter, EU Cord

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LiteFuze LC-300EU 300 Watts Travel Voltage Converter - Step Up/Down - Light Weight Compact Size - Converting box Technology - Fuse Protection. Small in Size & Weight For Easy Travel. Warning: This converter is not designed for use with hair dryers, power tools, heaters and other high power products. If used continuously do not exceed 100W.

  • Max Up to 300 Watt capacity with Thermal Fuse
    Protection; Voltage Step Up or Step Down functionality for World Wide Use

  • Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to
    Output for safe operation

  • Converting box Technology - No Noise, Light
    Weight, Energy Efficient

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 x 3 inches ; 2

  • Please select switch 115V if you are using it
    in the USA and Make sure you switch to 230V if you are using it overseas

  • The efficiency factor of this transformer is
    2.0. Do NOT exceed 150W when using continuously. The transformer is equipped
    with thermal fuse protection and will shut off when overloaded. It will turn
    on once it cools down again


Max Up to 300 Watt capacity with Thermal Fuse Protection
Voltage Step Up or Step Down functionality for World Wide Use
Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to Output for safe operation
Converting box Technology - No Noise, Light Weight, Energy Efficient
Thermal Fuse Protection


Brand Name: LiteFuze
Item Height: 2.5 inches
Item Length: 4 inches
Item Width: 3 inches


Electrical differences in the World are not so shocking! Electricity in the world differs for each countries 110/120 volts or 220/240 volts. Plug shapes, Plug holes and Plug sizes are also different in each country. Some countries like USA and Canada run on 120 Volts 60 Cycles (60HZ) and most of the world run on 220/240 Volts 50 Cycles (50HZ). This differences in the electricity can be solved by using an appropriate voltage converters.

Q: What does voltage converter or transformer mean ?

A: In speaking general Voltage Converters and Voltage Transformers are used to convert electricity. North America and some other countries operate on 110/120 Volt AC 60 HZ. While most of the world operates on 220/240 volts AC 50 HZ. Voltage Converters change the electricity to make work electrical appliances in different countries.

Q: What does "Step-up/Down Transformer" mean ?

A: Step-up/Down Transformers are used to convert electricity from 220/240 VAC to 110/120 VAC (Step Down) or 110/120 Volt AC to 220/240 Volts AC (Step-up). These type of transformers are grounded and with built-in fuse protection system which provides safety against electrical shock and damage to the appliances.

Q: How can I figure how many watts voltage transformer do I need ?

A: First of all, find out how many watts do appliance take. You can find this information usually on the label located on the back or bottom of the appliance or in the specification page of instruction book of an appliance. If only amerage (AMPS) is shown multiply the input voltage (i.e. 110 or 220v) by AMPS to find the watts.
VOLTS x AMPS = WATTS for example, 110 V x 0.5 AMPS = 55 W Please make sure not to operate any appliance with higher wattage than chais the waltage rating of voltage transformer. Heavy duty transformers can be used continuously at 75% to 80% of their wattage capacity.

Q: I have brought some electrical appliances from overseas will they work in USA ?

A: Yes, You can buy one of our step up-down transformers according to the wattage rating of your appliance (s). Please consider to buy higher wattage transformer than the wattage rating of your appliance. All our heavy duty transformers (step up-down) are grounded and built-in fase protection system for your and your appliances’ safety. Please remember transformers do not convert cycles (60 HZ. VS 50 HZ. Foreign) and some cycle sensitive appliances like microwave ovens, stereo turn tables and analog clocks may not operate properly. However, most modern electronic equipments like computers, printers and stereo music systems are not affected by difference in cycles. Our heavy duty voltage transformers can also be used for U.S. appliances (120 VOLT AC) to operate in Europe (220/240 VOLT AC). We also recommend to buy our voltage converters built-in voltage stabilizer-regulator to save your appliances from damage caused by power fluctuations.

Q: What is the difference between AC and DC current ?

A: Most counties in the World use electrical currents as alternating currents (AC). DC stand for Direct Currents. All appliances and voltage transformers run only on AC electricity.

Q: What is the use of Universal AC/DC adapter ?

A: Also known as battery eliminator, universal AC adapters are used to convert AC electricity (i.e. 120V or 240V) to a desirable DC current (i.e. 1.5,3,4.5,6,7.5,9 or 12 Volt DC). Some battery operated items with DC input includes walkmans, baby monitors, telephones which can be used with AC adapters universally.

Q: Can I use my several appliances at once with voltage transformer ?

A: Yes, As long as total wattage of all your appliances do not exceed than the wattage capacity of a voltage transformer. Also consider only 80% wattage capacity of voltage converter than wattage rating of your appliance (s) to avoid damage caused by power fluctuation.

Q: Do the plug shape makes the difference when using my appliance overseas with a voltage transformer?

A: Yes, since there is no worldwide standard for the plug configuration, plug shapes and plug holes (electrical outlets) differ from country to country. In addition to voltage converter a necessary plug adapter is required to simply fit your appliance plug in to foreign wall outlet. Please note that adapter plug only changes the plug shape not the electricity.


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