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Samsung SBH500 500 (SBH500) Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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Samsung SBH500 500 (SBH500) Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Samsung SBH500 500 (SBH500) Stereo Bluetooth Headset
The SBH500 Stereo Bluetooth Headset wirelessly connects to your music and other Bluetooth audio sources enabling you to enjoy full fidelity and premium audio sound like no other. The SBH500 headset connects to a single phone/device as well as other devices simultaneously, allowing you to receive an inbound call when one comes in. During the call, the SBH500 becomes your handsfree headset through the integrated microphone and gently returns to the previous audio setting after the call. Features up to 12 hours talk time / 11 hours play time and up to 205 hours of standby time. Features include a Send & End function, 3-way calling & Wireless Stereo Music Streaming.

Compatible Samsung Phones : SCH-r500 Hue (Alltel) SCH-r500 (Cricket) SCH-r500 (US Cellular)SCH-r500 (unlocked)SCH-r510 Wafer (Alltel)SCH-r610 (Cricket)SCH-r610 (US Cellular)Juke (SCH-u470)SCH-u520 (Metro PCS)SCH-u520 (Alltel)SCH-u520 (US Cellular)SCH-u550SCH-u620Gleam (SCH-u700)SCH-u706 Muse (Alltel)FlipShot (SCH-u900)Glyde (SCH-u940)SGH-a517Sync (SGH-a707)SGH-a717SGH-a727SGH-a737SLM (SGH-a747)Samsung Access (SGH-a827)SGH-d900 Black CarbonBlackJack (SGH-i607)BlackJack II (SGH-i617)Stripe (SGH-t329)SGH-t339SGH-t439Beat (SGH-t539)SGH-t639Blast (SGH-t729)SGH-t819SPH-a303 Heat (Helio)SPH-a503 (Helio)SPH-a503 Drift (Helio)SPH-a513 Fin (Helio)SPH-a523 Mysto (Helio)ACE (SPH-i325)SPH-m500SPH-m510SPH-m520 (Qwest)SPH-m520SPH-m610UpStage (SPH-m620)Instinct (SPH-m800)SPH-z400

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