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Sony Ericsson hbh-Gv435a Gv 435a Bluetooth Headset

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Sony Ericsson hbh-Gv435a Gv 435a Bluetooth Headset

Sony Ericsson hbh-Gv435a Gv 435a Bluetooth Headset
The HBH-GV435's sound and design features allow you to wear the headset at all times. Whether you're in a busy office or a loud factory, this headset makes sure you can hear your caller loud and clear – and that you can be heard, too. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) makes the sound crisper and clearer. Fast automatic volume adjustment changes the volume depending on the situation, while Bluetooth™ 2.0 guarantees the best and most stable link to your phone possible.
Sony Ericsson hbh-Gv435a Gv 435a Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-GV435
Clear digital sound and lasting comfort

If your working day is filled with phone calls, this is the ultimate Bluetooth™ headset. The ergonomic lightweight design, fitting snugly around your ear, is so comfortable that you might forget that you're wearing a headset at all. In combination with the long talk and standby times, this is the true workhorse among Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ headsets.

However, it's not just the comfortable fit that makes the HBH-GV435 a headset for all-day use. Remarkable sound quality – achieved through digital noise/echo cancellation, Bluetooth™ 2.0 and fast automatic volume adjustment – lends every phone conversation a crisp and clear sound.

Designed in black and silver, with an ear piece that doesn't cover your ear canal, the headset can still be worn while you talk to people around you.

An additional benefit is Auto pairing™, a feature that makes pairing the headset with a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ mobile phone faster and simpler.

A full list of compatible phones from other brands coming soon.

* Superior sound - Bluetooth™ 2.0, fast automatic volume adjustment, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)
* Ergonomics - Extraordinarily comfortable and light for all-day use
* Long talk and standby times - All-day use for busy people
* Auto pairing™-Dropping the PIN code without compromising security.
* Compatibility - compatible with Bluetooth™-equipped mobile phones.

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