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Monster Clarity ANC Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone

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Monster Clarity ANC Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Monster Clarity ANC Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone
Active Noise Cancellation
Bluetooth 4.1
Speaker diameter Ф40 mm
Playing time 25 hours (with ANC)
Charging time 3 hours
Monster Clarity ANC Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Power On/Power Off & Pairing
To Power ON/OFF the headphones, LONG press the Multi-Function Button for about 3 seconds.
If the headphone has not been previously paired with a device, it will in pairing mode automatically, you can hear Pairing. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices.
At power OFF mode, press and hold the Multi-Function Button for about 5 seconds until the blue and red indicator light starts to flash quickly. You hear Pairing, Now the device is in pairing mode.

Volume Control
Press "+" volume Up button to turn volume up.
Press "-" volume down button to turn the volume down.

Answer/ End: SHORT press Multi-Function Button.
Reject Call: LONG press Multi-Function Button for about 2 seconds.
Redial Call: DOUBLE press Multi-Function Button to redial the most recently called number.

Play/Pause: SHORT press Multi-Function Button to play/ pause music.
(Some phones may require you to start a media player first.)
Track Forward: Long press ON/OFF button for about 1 second.
Track Backward: Long press ON/OFF button for about 1 second.

The red LED stays ON during charging.
LED turns OFF automatically when the battery is fully charged.
(You can hear the warning signal when the headphone's battery level is low)

AUX-in Audio Connection
At power OFF mode, use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect headphone & your device.

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