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Sony KP-FX532M91 53" Projection Wega Multisystem TV

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Sony KP-FX532M91 53" Projection Wega Multisystem TV

Sony KP-FX532M91 53" Projection Wega Multisystem TV
The real thing is truly hard to fully capture on screen. The colors subdue and mutate, showing a dull picture. With the new Sony Projection TV WEGA FX series, however, real-life images are picked up and projected with stunning realism. Whats even more astonishing is that the image clarity remains impeccably smooth and flicker-free despite a large screen. In addition, its Digital Reality Creation Technology doubles the horizontal and vertical density, bringing you four times closer to reality. And unlike others, the Sony Projection Televisions enables the electron beam to reflect off the front surface, thereby virtually eliminating picture ghosting.

Team up these features with a superior sound technology and you end up with images so real, you're going to end up feeling a little disappointed with the real thing.
Sony KP-FX532M91 53" Projection Wega Multisystem TV


World-Wide Compatibility
Video Systems NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, Secam, MeSecam.
Cable Ready tuners for all systems including NTSC M, PAL/ SECAM B/G, D/K, I,K1.
French Secam via AV (No French tuner)
DRC 100:
DRC100 reproduces 625x1440 pixels with double scanning on real-time basis to yield stable pictures with no flicker. And unlike conventional 100Hz TVs which copy the previous fields instead of scanning in real time, there is also no jerky or shadow effect with DRC100. DRC100 also has 2x picture density to deliver crisp images and fluid motion that make viewing easy and gentle on the eyes.
DRC 1250:
Sonys unique signal processing algorithm improves picture density by doubling both the horizontal and vertical pixels in real-time. With the double-interlaced scanning lines and horizontal pixels, picture density improves tremendously. DRC1250 is optimal for viewing general broadcast programmes and prerecorded movies on digital media. Perfect technology that reaps multiple benefits for those who demand clarity of image and sharp detail. The benefits of DRC1250 is more obvious with digital broadcasting where picture quality depends on the quality of the TV receiving the signal

53" Projection TV Wega Engine Model
DRC-MF (1250/100/Prog)
Multi HD Ready (1080i/720p/576p/480p)
Super Luminance Picture
AR Coating
Digital Quick Focus
1st Surface Mirror
3D Digital Comb Filter (PAL/NTSC)
3D Digital Noise Reduction
Block Noise Reducer
DRC Cinema Mode
HD/DVD Input
PAP (2 Tuner)
High Voltage Regulator


Dimensions(w/h/d, mm): 1136x1438x666
Weight (kg): 86
Multi TV System (BG,I,DK,M)
Stereo: NICAM, A2
Fine Tuning
Auto Program
Text: English, Arab, Persian
1 (Front) 3 (Rear)-AV IN
2-DVD Component (Rear)
1-RGB (Rear)
1-S Terminal (Front)
1-S Terminal (Rear)
Audio Power (W): 15 + 15
Surround Type: T/SM
3 Way 6 Speaker

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