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LiteFuze ConvertingBox 1000 Watt Capacity - Premium Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer/Converter

LiteFuze ConvertingBox 1000 Watt Capacity - Premium Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer/Converter

Introducing the New Convertingbox™. Efficient because it addresses the application by consuming the amount of electric that it requires. Nothing More, Nothing Less. Too much noise, I don’t think so, running quietly in the background as if it was never there, with other noises for you to worry about. Half-Load, remember when airlines had a limit of 70 pounds per luggage well since airlines decided to go low on their weight limit so did we. Half-Load means Half the weight of traditional transformer and same amount of power and we also added in a bonus more efficiency part. Lucky you.

New Page 1 Key Features:
  • Up to 1000 Watt continuous use capacity with convertingbox 1000
  • Step Up/Down Functionality:
    • Step Down: Converts Single Phase 220/230/240-volt Electricity to 110/120-volt
    • Step Up: Converts 110/120-volt Electricity to Single Phase 220/230/240-volt
  • 2 x US Patented Universal Output Socket - accepts virtually any plug from around the world.
  • convertingbox Noise reduction technology automatically reduces noise levels and vibrations
  • convertingbox is half the weight then other voltage converter
  • Efficiency Factor of convertingbox is as low as 1.25, compared to other brands that are 3.0 (Note: The lower the factor the more efficient the transformer.)
  • Dynamic casing design offers ventilation to the voltage transformer
  • Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to Output for safe operation
  • CE Certified
  • Fuse Protected - 4 free spare fuses (2 for each voltage (110/220V)
  • Free Euro Plug Adapter
Package Contents:
  • LiteFuze convertingbox 1000 Voltage Converter/Transformer
  • SHUCKO Plug Adapter for Europe
  • 2 Spare fuses

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