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LiteFuze LR-5000 5000 Watt Regulator Stabilizer Voltage Converter Transformer - Step Up/Down - 110V/220V - IEC Detachable Cord - Circuit Breaker

LiteFuze LR-5000 5000 Watt Regulator Stabilizer Voltage Converter Transformer - Step Up/Down - 110V/220V - IEC Detachable Cord - Circuit Breaker

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The LiteFuze LR series 5000 watt Step Up/Step Down heavy duty voltage regulator with transformer is simple plug and play with auto input voltage detection. You do not need to worry about setting the input voltage with a manual switch, just connect it to any AC voltage outlet and its ready to go. It is also equipped with circuit breaker protection so you'll never need to replace fuses on overload. The voltage regulator function stabilizes the input voltage (90V-260V) and outputs both 110V & 220V from their corresponding outlets simultaneously. It also features the converting box technology which ensures lighter weight. The LR-5000 is compatible to operate on 50 Hz or 60 Hz. It is designed to convert single phase 110-120V to 220-240V or 220-240V to 110-120V. This CE certified transformer is safer with advanced side vents for ventilation. The efficiency factor of LR series voltage regulator transformers is 2.0, use this factor to determine the correct size voltage transformer for your electronics/appliances. Just multiply the efficiency factor times the max power(watt) rating of your product and then purchase a transformer of at least that size. LR series voltage regulator transformers are equipped with high grade copper coils which makes them energy efficient during voltage conversion. 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

  • Heavy Duty Voltage Regulator with Voltage
    Transformer - Compact Size - Thick Industrial Heavy Detachable Grade Cord

  • Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Functionality

  • Full Grounded USA Cord Included - Other Cords
    Sold Separately

  • Patented Universal 220V Output Socket - It
    will accept virtually any plug from around the world.

  • Built-in Circuit Breaker

Product Description

LiteFuze 3000 Watt Capacity Regulators/Stabilizer W/ Voltage Converter


* Maximum output: 5000W
* Converts 110/120 V to 220/240 V OR converts 220/240 V to 110/120 V
* On/Off switch with indicator lamp
* Heavy duty transformer for continuous use
* Analog voltage meter
* Integrated automatic protection circuit
* Voltage stabilizer, good for countries with unstable voltage supply
* 4 outlets on front of unit (outlets accept 3 or 2 prong US plugs and 2 prong Euro/Asian plugs)
* Insulated power cord is hard wired with a European Shucko plug also good for Asian outlets
* Heavy-duty metal casing and durable design
* Easy to carry with attached handle
* Comes with round and flat pin plugs for use in USA, Canada, and Mexico
* Fuse protected - fuse will cut off the current if the transformer is overloaded to protect the transformer and your appliance
* Weight: 43 Lbs
* Dimensions(LxBxH): 17" X 13" X 12"


* 5000 Watt Voltage converter w/ Regulator
* Plug adapter for USA

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