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Seven Star SS630 Power Converter 100Watt

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Seven Star SS630 Power Converter 100Watt

Seven Star SS630 Power Converter 100Watt
100 Watt
Deluxe model for travelers
Dual Voltage 110/220V
Can be used wordwide
Seven Star SS630 Power Converter 100Watt

# Maximum 100 Watts AC/AC Power Converter

# Compact size

# Plugs directly into the US style wall electrical oulet

# Plug adapter for Europe/Asia included (two round pins)

# Converts AC220-240 Volt 50Hz to AC110-120 Volt 50Hz or AC110-120 Volt 60Hz to AC220-240 Volt 60Hz

# Built-In Thermal Fuse

# Universal Socket Outlet accepts most type of plugs

# Safety Protect from Overload

# Voltage Input Selector Switch (110/220 Volt)

# Ideal for electrical appliances like Battery Charger, CD Player, Cordless Phones, Video Game Adapters.

# CE Mark
# Manufacturer: Seven Star

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